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Is the deployment of First Mile G.hn access solution simple and easy?

The deployment of the FirstMile G.hn access solution is very easy.
CPE can be installed by users themselves; CPE can be managed by itself or by DPU, you can create some CPE configuration template on DPU, and let CPE automatically match the specified template.
FirstMile’s DPU supports JSON API, for large network application, you can deploy device configurations with programmatic APIs, leveraging the modern approach to networking to quickly configure thousands of DPU in a minute.

What is FirstMile PoX technology?

PoX is short to power over anywire, it is a technology similar to PoE (Power over Ethernet).

FirstMile PoX is a technology that provides both power and G.hn data transmission through copper or coaxial cable.

What is FirstMile RPF technology?

RPF is short to reverse power feeding.

Deploying devices to certain outdoor sites, get electricity power supply is difficult. For the sites, DPU obtaining electricity power from the end users is a good solution, this is RPF technology.

FirstMile RPF is an enhanced RPF technology, it will let multiple end users provide electricity power to DPU equally.

How much distance can be covered over copper cables?

Depends on variables such as physical copper line quality and noise environment.

How to eliminate crosstalk between a bundle of wires in the G.hn Access solution?

Using VectorBoost technology, VectorBoost is the feature of G.hn Access that allows twisted pair copper telephone wire to reach its maximum capacity, even under crosstalk from other subscribers in the same binder. It can ensure the optimal allocation of resources between the neighboring lines in accordance with their real-time traffic needs and can run locally on a DPU (Distribution Point Unit) or in the cloud. VectorBoost can be fine-tuned to meet service providers’ requirements and can be easily upgraded as more computing resources become available in the carrier private cloud. In addition to mitigating crosstalk between pairs of a copper binder, VectorBoost optimizes the allocation of spectrum by boosting the spectrum only for subscribers needed extra bandwidth. Coupled with coordinated Dynamic Time Allocation (cDTA), it delivers the optimal bandwidth allocation in real-time for each G.hn link.

Can G.hn access solution coexist with VDSL technology?

Yes, frequency notching function for the co-existence with other services.
With ADSL: No frequency overlapped (No interference)
With VDSL: 
(1) Even though the frequency band overlaps with VDSL (3.5~30MHz), its power level is low (-70dBm/Hz), so it does not affect the legacy VDSL service whose power is much higher (-56.5dBm/Hz) (* G.fast uses higher power level, so its interference to VDSL is high)  
(2) Supports PSD shaping for VDSL frequency.

How many subscribers are supported in the same share bundle cable?

Supports up to 240pcs G.hn CPEs in the same share bundle cable, and you should use clock synchronization cables to connect all DPUs (Distribution Point Unit).

How do setup a copper cable pin-out for a G.hn connection?

It is compatible with Phone line wire and Ethernet wire, you can use them directly.
For SISO profile only require one pair of copper to bring up the G.hn connection (RJ45 pins 4&5)
for MIMO profile needs 2 pair of copper (RJ45 pins 3&6, and pins 4&5)

The diagrams are as follows:

Founded in 2003,
First Mile specializes in carrier-grade telecom products' development.
Email: sales@firstmile.com.cn

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